Personal Consultations

  • Do you ever wonder why things are not going your way?
  • Are you hesitant about making important decisions?
  • Do you feel you are mixed up in your life?
  • Do you feel you keep repeating the same pattern of mistakes in your life?
  • Do you want to know hidden keys about yourself and others that can help you deal with all the people in your life?

Know more about yourself, help balance your body, mind and spirit. Look more deeply into all the available ways to facilitate your inner searchings.

During a personal consultation we make full use of Birth Charts, Guided Imagery and other related holistic disciplines. We can focus on specific questions related to relationships, careers, finances, personal potential and health.

The AWARENESS of a personal consultation + KNOWLEDGE  = SOLUTION for the DIS-EASE

Case Studies


    • A royalty member who had failed to conceive after several attempts even by artificial insemination. Upon a feng shui and astrological consultation, the auspicious timings for her next attempt were selected for the conception. Result: – successful pregnancy with twins.
    • A 40-year-old mother with a 12-year-old son, and a husband who was frequently away on business, wanted to have another child. After doing the feng shui for her home in Jordan, within the year she gave birth to a healthy little girl.

    • A child with negative sleeping patterns causing him to constantly get out of bed in the night to be with his mother and with many nights of disturbed sleep was finally able to have deep and peaceful sleeps after Feng Shui consultation.

    • After a Feng Shui consultation the auspicious timing and place as to when to meet the right person can be made.
    • A client sent the daughter of a diplomat for a feng shui consultation. Within the time frame indicated the young lady had met two men who had proposed to her.

    A married couple, who were also business partners in the oil industry, requested a Feng Shui consultation for both their office and house. After completing and implementing the Feng Shui profile for both places, I was informed of the positive changes that took place in their life, and success in their business started flourishing. Consequently, I was asked to feng shui their new property (I would like to add that this gentleman was sceptical about feng shui) However since the positive ongoing results, he and his business partners regularly consult me for business opportunities and possibilities.


    • Upon coming to the end of one of my lectures, a member of the audience, an Ambassador’s wife, came out to me and handed over a purple bracelet that had certain significance for her. It resembled a bracelet of mine that had been blessed by Master Linn Yun of the Intuitive School of Feng Shui the first school that I attended during my studies

    The lady whose husband was sick of cancer of the lungs called for me to feng shui her house and his office, where it turned out he had been sitting in the wrong energy position for four years. Using the teachings I had studied from the Five Schools of Feng Shui, the whole office layout was rearranged accordingly. Using the holistic Feng shui approach which included Astrological Counselling together with Guided Imagery practices to teach him “Self Healing”, I advised the couple of the date by which the Ambassadors healing would start. CT Scan was the technological proof for that. He is now recovering day by day.


    • A woman who was an adopted child with no exact date of birth came for Astrological Counselling. Upon my research and calculations, I was able to provide her with information about the various challenges, opportunities and surprises that would come to her. Result: – She received a surprise inheritance as had been forecast.