Guided Imagery

By learning exercises of guided imagery, you will learn quick tools :

  • To eliminate different fears from your life.
  • To be shielded and protected from any negative surroundings.
  • To get rid of stressful thoughts, worrisome ideas, obsessive thinking,…
  • To control inner and outer emotional reactions.
  • To be more grounded.
  • To make the right choices in your life getting the answer from your inner self.

For years, it has been widely known that the mind exerts a tremendous influence on our physical well-being – often determining the difference between health and dis-ease. Grace Salem gives a new vision of how the mind can help heal the body through the power of “image”.

Mental imagery, like intuition, is a type of non-logical thinking. Logical, discursive thinking is used for making contact with people in the everyday world and with what can be called objective reality. Mental imagery is the thinking used for making contact with our inner subjective reality. Images form this structure of inner life.

The language of images is most commonly experienced as night dreams or daydreams. Anyone familiar with imagery learns almost immediately that we can work with this language as easily as we can work with spoken language. Indeed, the ability to understand and communicate in the languages of images probably precedes the ability to communicate with words. Becoming aware of the language of images essentially requires only that we turn our attention to it.

As we shall see, the most remarkable feature of imagery work is that it can be accompanied by physiological changes. The beneficial physical effects of imagery would not be so surprising if we commonly thought of the mental and physical aspect as comprising two sides of a mirror that we call body. But for three hundred years, western medicine has separated the mind from the body. You may be surprised to learn that no other medical system in the history of the world, including Western medicine prior to the 17th century, makes such a distinction.

Developed over years of practice, Grace Salem’s potent techniques for tapping the mind’s altering energy enable us to influence our own health, our way of thinking thus relationship with remarkably fast, positive results. The exercises she uses cover specific illnesses like sensitivity, fear, stressful thought, obsessions amongst other. And there are special visualizations for overall wellness that you can personalize to fit your own daily health and fitness needs.

A revolutionary and inspiring program, the guided imagery is a major contribution to understanding, restoring, and maintaining the healthful unity of body and mind.